Shortlisted. Hot gerund damn!

I just “saw”:,,1-2-1105684,00.html in the Times that “the worms”: have been shortlisted for the Aventis Science book prize. Francis Spufford got “his book”: on the shortlist too. Can it be true, as he tells me, that you get £1000 just for being on the shortlist? There’s £10,000 for the winner, but that will be either Bill Bryson or Matt Ridley. [update]. Yes. It is true. This year, the money’s just gravy, but I have wanted to get on this shortlist ever since I started writing science books, and it is really something to have got there as well as winning the Templeton prize for religious journalism. It ought to have made selling the big science-and-god book easier, too.

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  1. Rupert says:

    Oh, well played! Emergent behaviour is one thing, and of course the two imposters of success and failure, blah, lottery of awards, blah, comparing apples and aardvarks, blah.

    Emergent money is quite different. Neat trick.


  2. qB says:


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