What could be more agreeable

than to see the Eurabia crowd denouncing anyone else as paranoid fascist nutters? Yet this is the spectacle offered by the latest schism on the far right. The paleofascist nutters around the Brussels Journal hate muslims, of course (no linky goodness from me; but it was, for example the site which popularised the story of the preacher who supposedly -brunt- burnt himself to death in protest against Islam); but they also have some understanding for the traditional European fascist attitude towards Jews.

This has brought down on them the wrath of the neofascist nutters at Little Green Footballs, who hate Muslims, of course, but regard (the right sort of) Jews as exemplary Americans. So they are now denouncing BJ as repulsive fascists etc, with all the self-righteousness at their command.

In a similar vein, the collapse of the European neo-fascist parliamentary group — after the Italian neo-fascists denounced Romanian immigrants as scum and the Romanian neofascists took exception, probably claiming that thee were all gypsies — has been especially welcome to people who might otherwise appear to take a similar attitude to the EU and to Muslims, like Daniel Hannan, the Europhobe MEP, who was able to write an article denouncing these vile neo-fascists.

bq. In constantly warning about a “far Right menace”, Lefties aren’t really attacking the handful of blackshirts still left in Europe. Their true targets are small-state Tories, who couldn’t be ideologically further removed from the skinheads, but who can neatly be bracketed with them as “Right-wing”. Clever, no?

Yes, that would be the same Daniel Hannan, MEP, whose name appears on the masthead of the Brussels Journal. Clever? No.

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2 Responses to What could be more agreeable

  1. Matt W says:

    >brunt himself to death

    That sounds painful. I can imagine Mr Gordon doing that.

  2. Mrs Tilton says:

    LGF also denounced some midwestern American young Republican cell for inviting Nick Griffin (!) to speak at their cow-college. Clearly Chaz Johnson has become a left-deviationist splittist in his dotage.

    The beauty part is that (the Jewish) Pamela Oshry then denounced (the goyisher) Johnson for denouncing European fascists and antisemites. (But then Pam is, of course, very special.) Sadly, No! had many, many posts on this spectacle; a veritable feast for connoisseurs of wingnuttery.

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