Small nerdy note

While I am waiting 20 minutes for the “PNAS”: site to let me back in, I might as well explain why I have been barred: I use “scrapbook.”: It is an extremely useful Firefox extension that grabs whole web pages or portions thereof and saves them offline for later sorting, study, and annotation. It was about 50% of the reason that I gave up on Opera, after ten years — the other big reason was that there are so many Ajaxy sites today that don’t work well with Opera either.

But it turns out that when it hits a site with lots of links, Scrapbook hits them all, too, and so when I went to save “this very interesting”: paper on neurogenesis, I triggered their anti-bot. And now I am banned for twenty minutes. Moral: don’t use Scrapbook on that site. Use something like “Evernote”: instead.

But Opera vs Firefox is interesting. I think I will write a piece about standards for next week’s _Guardian_ tech column.

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