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Tom Butler calls for the dissolution of the Anglican Communion (and I am rude about sundry primates) [“in this World Service programme.”:] Bloody Realplayer, I’m afraid. Shortwave listeners can probably get it on their real radios some time today, but it has already run in the UK.

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  1. Louise says:

    We’ve just heard it on the Listen Again. I like the way you sound very considered without failing to be incisive. I’m afraid I’d be quite intemperate on the subject. I came across this earlier today:

    The “low point” of the Primates’ Meeting came, Jefferts Schori said, when one primate equated homosexuality with pedophilia and another said he couldn’t see why the Anglican Communion should study homosexuality if it doesn’t need to study murder.

    For Rowan Williams to accept that people with these views should have any role at all in dictating how another Anglican province may minister to its gay and lesbian flock is unbelievable. Talk about throwing people to the wolves…

  2. Louise says:

    Sorry – preview post kept giving me a 404. There are inverted commas in the quote causing a problem.

  3. acb says:

    Yup. I can clean it here, and will, but I still haven’t worked out how to fix MT so these things are automatically cleaned. It’s just a few lines of Python, which makes it so frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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